Delivery from Belgium!

Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze 375ML & 750ML
*Limited supply of both sizes just came in. The brewery’s flagship, an Oude Gueze made from 100% spontaneously-fermented Lambics of 1,2 and 3 years old. The 750ML’s is the 24th blend of the 2016/2017 season, comprised of Lambics aged on 7 different barrels while the 375ML’s are blend number 14 of the same season, made from Lambics matured in 5 different barrels*

Drie Fonteinen Cuvée Armand & Gaston 2016/2017 375ML
*New batch! A special Oude Gueze blended by father and son. This particular Oude Geuze is blended from Lambics aged and matured on 4 different barrels, originating from wort of 7 different brews. The old Lambic was brewed with slightly darker malts and was destined for another Straffe Winter, a spontaneously fermented faro-style beer, but they accidentally forgot about it, 5.3% ABV*

De Dolle Brouwers Stille Nacht 11.2oz
*Stille Nacht translates to “Silent Night”. Intense flavors of dark fruits, Belgian candi sugar and spicy yeast make this one of the most complex Christmas Belgian Ales you’ll ever taste, 12% ABV*

De Dolle Brouwers Oerbier 11.2oz
*Belgian Strong Dark Ale fermented with Lactobacillus, 9% ABV*