Now available, new & returning beers from Sour Cellars:

Sour Cellars Shuvly Kouse 750ML
*Red Sour Ale aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels with Kotata blackberries added, 7% ABV*

Sour Cellars Drinkitite 750ML
*Golden Sour Ale re-fermented with 2.8lbs/gallon of blueberries, 6.8% ABV*

Sour Cellars Harvested 750ML
*New! A blended Golden Sour Ale re-fermented with Michigan Balaton sour cherries, 5.7% ABV*

Sour Cellars No Return Ticket 750ML
*Their first anniversary beer. A blended Golden Sour Ale created from 1 year old spontaneously fermented beer and 2 year old mixed fermentation beer, made with marionberries and second-use Kotata blackberries, 5.9% ABV*

Sour Cellars Sooper 750ML
*Blended Golden Sour Ale refermented with 3lbs/gallon of Olson Family Farms organic peaches, 5.6% ABV*

Sour Cellars Jammiest Bits of Jam 750ML
*A blended Golden Sour Ale barrel-aged for 16-21 months, refermented with boysenberries, 5.9% ABV*