New Warm Weather Wines:

Montinore Estate L’Orange 2016
*An orange wine made from 100% organic and biodynamic skin-fermented Pinot Gris with a small amount of amphora-fermented Muscat Ottonel. Aromas of gooseberry, persimmon, spicy seville oranges, nectarine, peach, light incense, clove, and sweet baking spices. The extended skin contact lends more texture on the palate with a slight tannic bite while you taste notes of tart stone fruits, lemon and pink grapefruit, leading to a dry finish. A great introduction to the style*

Stolpman Vineyards Love You Bunches 2018
*Made with 100% Sangiovese grapes that go through carbonic maceration. Bursting aromas of freshly-picked, ripe red cherry along with candied roses, tangerine zest, and berry melody. It is light-bodied, with a slight fizz of the tongue from residual carbonation, and it’s fruity but not sweet, finishing dry with a tart and zippy acidity. A fun, light-bodied red for the warmer weather*

Division Winemaking Company DV “Méthode Carbonique” 2018
*Just like the Stolpman featured above, this also goes through carbonic maceration, but this Oregon producer uses Pinot Noir with the region’s unique earthy minerality. A puree of strawberries with cherry, purple fruits, and hints of dark soil. It’s lean and juicy on the palate with calcium-rich stones and minerals, damp soil, chalk, red berries, plump dark cherries, and hints of coco in the finish. A unique and interesting wine meant for pure enjoyment. Drink this one with light chill*