Sante Adairius Don’t Be So Gloomy 750ML
*Inspired by the Belgian Lambic, a blend of one-to-two year-old barrel-aged Saisons that were brewed with aged hops, 7% ABV*

Rare Barrel Map Of The Sun 2019 750ML
*Golden Sour beer aged in oak barrels with apricots, fermented with a mixed culture blend of souring bacteria and wild yeast. One of their most popular releases every year, 7.7% ABV*

Epic Big Bad Baptist (Vanilla Brandy Barrel) 22oz
*Imperial Stout 100% aged in Brandy barrels with roasted cacao nibs, coffee and vanilla, 12.7% ABV*

Fremont The Rusty Nail 2019 22oz
*Imperial Oatmeal Stout brewed with brewer’s licorice, cinnamon bark, smoked barley, and pale malt, then aged 15 months in 12-year old Bourbon barrels, 14.5% ABV*

Jackie O’s Bourbon Barrel Oro Negro 375ML
*Imperial Stout with walnuts aged in Bourbon barrels and conditioned on cacao nibs, habaneros, cinnamon sticks, & vanilla beans, 12.1% ABV*

Left Hand Raspberry Milk Stout 12oz cans
*Their famous Milk Stout with raspberries added, 5.7% ABV*