Abnormal Blackberry Pie 16oz can

Imperial Berliner Weiss

Here we have another culinary infusion coming your way, this time by way of kettle soured deliciousness and pie inspired flavors. Each one of these glorious pie beers start off as a bumped-up version of our standard Berliner Weiss giving it the imperial ABV needed to carry the intense flavors. Once soured and fermented, we add a base of Madagascar Vanilla beans and Cinnamon to emulate the pie’s crust. Finally, we add the filling and toppings! For this particular gem we used Blackberries to create the ultra-rich and slightly tart Blackberry Pie. Remember, good pie should ALWAYS be shared, and so should this beer…or not. Cheers!

Hallertau Blanc, Mosaic, Madagascar Vanilla, Cinnamon, Blackberries

6.8% ABV

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