De Dolle Boskeun 11.2oz


De Dolle Boskeun

Boskeun, made in Esen as the successor to the Stille Nacht, is a brand new regional beer.

It is a powerful beer with a specific taste and aroma. It is up to connoisseurs to discover berries, licorice, dry leaves, vanilla, chocolate and so much more in its taste, aftertaste and aroma.

The recipe contains pale malt, Poperingse Golding hops in bubbles, organic cane sugar, pure oerwater, top fermentation, fermentation and secondary fermentation in the bottle. All beers of De Dolle Brouwers are unfiltered, non-pasteurised and with secondary fermentation.

This beer has 9 percent alcohol by volume.

De Dolle Boskeun label
De Dolle Boskeun 11.2oz