Domaine Poli Nielluc+Sciacca Island of Rosé 2021


Domaine Poli Nielluc+Sciacca Island of Rosé

In 2005, Eric Poli bought 7.4 acres of old-vine Niellucciu and Vermentino in the heart of Patrimonio, the oldest and arguably best appellation on this mountainous Mediterranean island. He also bought 108 acres outside of Linguizzetta, his hometown on the east coast of the island.

Today, Eric Poli manages Clos Alivu’s 11.7 acres, the 86.5 acres of his wife’s family estate (Clos Teddi), and the 108 acres of IGP Île de Beauté grapes he planted ten years ago near his family’s estate. Eric makes the wines for all three brands.

The maritime influences of this Mediterranean paradise allow Eric to farm his vines organically (though without certification). Niellucciu, genetically linked to Sangiovese, thrives on this island, and when yields are limited, results in wines with more freshness and finesse than those made from its Tuscan cousin. Corsica’s secondary red cépage, Sciaccarellu, is the descendant of another Tuscan variety, Mammolo, which was likely introduced while the island was under control of the Republic of Pisa (1077-1284). Primarily a blending grape for red wines, it can result in high-toned, floral and fruity rosés on its own.

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