Dupont Forêt Organic Saison


A true original, Forêt was the first 100% certified organic beer to be produced in Belgium when it was released over a decade ago. Every ingredient in Forêt reflects Dupont’s dedication to producing quality craft beers—from the organically cultivated hops and barley to the filtered artisan well water, which provides the beer with a distinct and truly unique mineral quality.

The Forêt Organic Saison Ale is a thirst-quenching beer with a outspoken bitterness and dryness. You will discover a touch of citrus (especially pomelo) strengthening this thirst-quenching aspect. The long re-fermentation in the bottle ends up in a very complex but light beer.

Dupont Forêt Organic Saison
Dupont Forêt Organic Saison
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