Great Notion Key Lime Pie 16oz can

Great Notion Key Lime Pie

Great Notion Key Lime Pie is one of our most requested sour beers that we have been brewing since the early days. This culinary-inspired beer starts out with brewing a standard sour Gose. We mash a recipe of wheat and Pilsner malt and then sour the beer overnight with the kettle souring process. We then boil the wort and add a bit of lactose or milk sugar to help create a creamier mouthfeel and a touch of sweetness. We extract some of the natural lime and citrus aromas from the Motueka hops we use in the whirlpool, and then fermentation gets underway. Key Lime juice and vanilla tie everything together in this classic Great Notion sour.

Allergens: Lactose

6% ABV

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