Hanssens Oudbeitje 375ML


Hanssens Oudbeitje

Lambic with Natural Strawberries

Wheat and barley malts. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, bottle conditioned. Brewed exclusively for B. United International’s Masters Collection by Hanssens Artissanal.

Appearance: Bright golden color, looks barely carbonated with little head.

Aroma: Strawberries announce themselves in the nose where they mingle with aromas of earth, sharp cheddar cheese, vanilla, yogurt, and a Riesling-like petrol note.

Flavor: Slightly carbonated- strawberries in the palate- tart and dry.

Finish: Clean and sweet aftertaste

Hanssens Oudbeitje 375ML
Hanssens Oudbeitje 375ML