HenHouse Hella Stoked – Summer 16oz can

HenHouse Hella Stoked – Summer

IPA with Citra, Moutere, Nelson and Waimea hops

HELLA STOKED y’all! Ready to SHRED THE WAKE? The summer IPA edition of HenHouse HELLA STOKED is back!!! Like a lifted F150 full of flavor trucking hops toward your aroma center, This bright, hella hoppy IPA is bursting with tropical citrus pinecone aroma! What’s a tropical citrus pinecone? 🤙 🍍 It’s what you get when you blend citra, moutere, nelson and waimea hops together.

We’ve been eager to team-up with our friends at Livermore’s Altamont since our breweries were first hatched back in 2012. You’re tasting 10 years worth of mutual admiration in a glass. Stoked? No, we’re hella stoked! As always, make sure to grab both 4-packs from each brewery to collect both dope graphics! Stoked, Hella!

6.4 % ALC/VOL

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