Limited Addition Orange Crush 2022


Limited Addition Orange Crush 2022

2022 brought us another opportunity to grow one of our favorite wines, affectionately named Orange Crush, for its delightfully crushable style.

This was the first year worked with the Resplendor vineyard in the Yamhill Carlton AVA which is 35-year-old own rooted Pinot gris that is farmed organically. This site sits at around 600ft elevation and is north-east facing and planted to mostly Pinot gris and Pinot blanc, a rare thing in the Willamette Valley! Skin-fermented Pinot gris has a staggered co-fermentation with early Muscat and Riesling it’s these aromatic varieties that give this wine its playful tropical juiciness and makes it so dangerously crushable.

You’ve been warned!

Alcohol 11.20%

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