Liquid Gravity First Fridays DDH West Coast IPA 16oz can

Liquid Gravity First Fridays

DDH West Coast IPA

We did a thing with our homies Brass Mash, Liquid Gravity First Fridays IPA, a DDH West Coast IPA brewed with Mosaic and Nelson hops.

Anyone who knows me knows I often let Mosaic take center stage on our West Coast IPAs. But not this time! Nelson and Mosaic are paired up 50/50 and both hops are showcased in all of their splendid glory.

Notes of candied lime rind and lychee are balanced by that signature southern hemisphere magic. And you better believe we dried this baby out so it finishes bright and crisp just the way we like it. A nice dose of wheat malt was used to provide a little texture and softness to the mouthfeel. We are super stoked on it and we hope you love it to!

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