North Park Beer Co. Aways Away TDH Hazy DIPA 16oz can

North Park Beer Co. Aways Away



Next up at the plate is the extraordinary “Aways Away,” another sensational collaboration with the masterminds at HOMES Brewery.

This beer is a power hitter, a TDH Hazy DIPA with the bases fully loaded with Michigan-grown Chinook, Cashmere, Copper, and Mackinac hops. It’s a dream team of flavors that’ll have you rounding the bases of pure satisfaction.

With each sip, expect a grand slam of juicy tropical fruits and a velvety smooth mouthfeel that glides over your palate like a skilled outfielder catching a fly ball. Raise your glass, take a swing, and savor the homerun of flavors that is “Aways Away.”

8.5% ABV

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