Off Color Beer for Huddles 16oz can

Off Color Beer for Huddles

As the foliage color fades and the grunts of late summer two-a-days subside, our thirst also transitions into the warm coziness of richer flavors. Sub in Beer for Huddles.

Tree resin amber in color and aromas of warm biscuits, this traditional amber drives deeper into Flavortown with pan browned pie crust overtones as well as hints of rose incense and early autumn dried leaves. If you get your third down you may just want to go for it on the fourth.

Capybara are the largest and most laid back rodents on Earth. They don’t even mind being used as chairs!

Pale, Victory, Munich, Caramel 10, Roasted Barley, Nugget and Zuper Saazer hops, Water, Yeast

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