pFriem Winter Ale 16oz can

pFriem Winter Ale

Cozy up to the fire with a pint of pFriem’s Winter Ale and gift your taste-buds with hints of spice, orange zest, caramel and a touch of spruce tree. You may even sense the subtle notes of fruitcake, which might encourage you to share this Winter Ale with your family and friends. Unlike fruitcake, this is a beer that will not be re-gifted.

“Winter Ale” covers a broad spectrum of beers in the marketplace. They can be brewed with a heavy hand of spices, be malt driven, or be hop forward with a strong malt backbone. In any case these beers are brewed to celebrate the winter season. They are best enjoyed next to a warm fire, after a powder day on the mountain, and are perfect for the Holiday Season. pFriem Winter Ale is hop forward with juicy aromatic hops, balanced by rich maltiness.

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