Pielihueso Tinto De Los Sauces Los Chacayes 2021


Pielihueso Tinto De Los Sauces Los Chacayes 2021

50% Espaldero Malbec and 50% 70-year-old Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, from our Los Parrales estate, in Los Sauces. Stainless steel. native yeasts. Without filter.

At the beginning of 2019 we bought our farm in Los Sauces, a fairly small area in Valle de Uco, at the foot of the Chacayes. It would be just the end of the alluvial chain of Chacayes, which means that the farm has quite a slope and, therefore, considerable differences in soil within the 13 hectares.

We converted the farm to organic and the truth is that we are very happy with the changes, seeing how it improves day by day and produces incredible grapes.

There we have cabernet sauvignon de parral (from at least 70 years ago) and malbec in trellis. With those two grapes we made Pielihueso Tinto De Los Sauces, a wine that is 50% each, in an effort to bring the area to the fore.

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