Port Dont Drink Barleywine 19.2oz can


Port Dont Drink Barleywine

Brewed in collaboration with Don’t Drink Beer, we give you Port Dont Drink Barleywine, our latest English Barleywine from Port Brewing. Created for the most discerning of craft beer fans, DDBW, as we call it, is our latest take on an Barleywine with one added caveat, we put it in 19.2oz cans, because why not. We hope you enjoy this rich, mahogany ale as much as we enjoyed making it.

Rich would be the underlying theme for DDBW. Carmel almost “Rolo” type of flavor profile with the hint of milk chocolate, finishing light notes of stone fruit and well balanced bitterness to end each sip.


Maris Otter, Crisp Chocolate, Demerara, Flaked Barley

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