Pure Project Atomic Hop Quad IPA 16oz can

Pure Project Atomic Hop

Murky Quad IPA

ABV: 13%

Hops: Enigma, Wai-iti, & Waimea Hops

Atomic Hop is a bold and complex new brew that is sure to excite hop lovers everywhere. This murky quadruple IPA features an exotic blend of Enigma, Wai-iti-, and Waimea hops, all sourced from the Southern hemisphere.

Its murky pale color and white head are the perfect canvas for the diverse range of aromas, including juicy mango, strawberry cream, and jasmine. On the palate, Atomic Hop’s lush and medium-full body bursts with tantalizing flavors of cantaloupe, lychee, and tangerine marmalade, all complemented by a subtle yet satisfying dankness that ties everything together.

Atomic Hop is a true hop bomb that packs a punch and leaves a lasting impression, making it a must-try for IPA enthusiasts.

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