Pure Project ISO 16oz can


Pure Project ISO

Murky Triple IPA w/ Dragon Fruit

ABV: 10.3%

Hops: Citra & Mosaic

This beloved murky triple IPA is back for its eighth consecutive year! It gets its eye-catching, characteristic deep pink color from the addition of organic Nicaragua-grown dragon fruit from Pitaya Foods.

The dragon fruit combined with a blend of Mosaic and Citra hops from Washington boasts aromas of ripe cherry, grapefruit, and subtle peach—with flavorful tastes of raspberry, dragon fruit, and mango.

A lusciously rich body allows for the combination of bright flavors to linger on the tongue.

Savor this one while it’s here… you’ll be in search of it again next year.

Pure Project ISO can
Pure Project ISO 16oz can
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