Reissdorf Kölsch 500ML can


Reissdorf Kölsch

REISSDORF KÖLSCH is the Cologne beer specialty with a brewing tradition since 1894. As a Kölsch with a pleasant, full-bodied and unmistakably drinkable taste in PREMIUM quality, it is brewed for connoisseurs who prefer something special.

Alc./Vol.: 4.8 %
Original Gravity: 1047
Plato: 12.0
IBU: 27

Tasting Notes
Appearance: Lighter than Pilsner in color.
Aroma: Minty, hop aroma.
Flavor: Slightly malty, fairly soft palate, restrained on fruitiness.
Finish: With a delicate dryness


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Reissdorf Kölsch 500ML can
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