Rochefort Trappist 10 11.2oz


Rochefort Trappist 10

Dark brown color. Great strength balanced by a complexity of flavors and firm malt backbone. The bouquet covers a wide range: port wine, leather, apricots, oak, spices – a deeply intriguing beverage.

Although written records of brewing at Rochefort date to 1595, Rochefort Trappist 10 was developed in the late 1940s and early 50s. It appears on virtually every list of the world’s finest beers.

Lamb shanks with juniper berries, wild chanterelle mushrooms, truffles, or dishes with intensely reduced sauces. Serve in the traditional stemmed Rochefort goblet.

Rochefort Trappist 10 bottle
Rochefort Trappist 10 11.2oz