Shibata Shuzo “Black” Junmai Ginjo 200ML


Shibata “Black” Junmai Ginjo uses a very rare rice from Hokkaido known as, Ginpu, which is clean and has a pleasant aroma. Given the softness of the water at Shibata, they are able to produce a well rounded sake that leaves you with a mild finish. Brought to you in a unique 200ml flask which we like to call “Pocket Sake”.

Rice: Ginpu (60%)
Yeast: K1801
Acidity: 1.5
Water: Kanzui
SMV: -3
Alcohol: 15%

Best Served: Enjoyable chilled, on the rocks or as a cocktail base.

Food Pairing: Sushi, oysters, lightly grilled fish, or enjoyed with fresh soft cheeses.

Shibata Shuzo “Black” Junmai Ginjo
Shibata Shuzo “Black” Junmai Ginjo 200ML