Troon Vineyard Druids Fluid Red Blend 2020


Troon Vineyard Druids Fluid Red Blend 2020

Druid’s Fluid is a premium blend made each year at Troon Vineyard.

Starting in the vineyard with intentional farming, we grow specific blocks to create this wine. Every year the blend will change based on the grapes available from our farm and climate factors at play. Our aim is to make the most complete expression that reflects our Southern Oregon terroir. Druid’s Fluid Red does just that, using Zinfandel, Malbec, and Tempranillo.

Expect this wine to show fresh bramble fruit, juicy, crunchy red fruit, and floral characteristics, along with a sense of acidity to compliment the fruit excellently.

Hand sorted, direct pressed and barrel fermented. This blend intends to showcase the influence of terroir on the grapes that are involved, we hope you enjoy it

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