Upland Teddy Bear Kisses S’mores 12oz can

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Natural Flavors

We made a S’Mores TBK a few years back and it was good, but we knew we could do even better. This year we applied all that we learned from last attempt and went all out. This beer has a modified grain bill, lactose and cinnamon to help accentuate graham, marshmallow, and chocolate flavors. But we didn’t stop there! We aged this beer on a mountain of cacao nibs, then let it marinate in fresh Bourbon barrels. After 8 months of barrel aging, we added real vanilla beans, more cinnamon chips, and even more chocolate to give it loads of S’Mores flavor. Even though we have added a ton of extra ingredients, S’Mores TBK still allows the base beer flavor to be respectfully present. This ain’t no pastry stout. We tried hard to balance all the extra flavors while being true to the Teddy Bear Kisses flavor that has garnered us so many loyal followers.

ABV: 11%

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