Von Ebert Pierre Le Chat 16oz can

Pierre Le Chat- French Pilsner in the Italian Style

We sometimes get asked if Italian Pilsner’s use all Italian ingredients? While in our case the answer may be no, Jason had the great idea of making an all French ingredient beer and thus French-style pils became “a thing” or French Pils in the Italian-style. Who knows, this may already exist and if it does, I hope we are doing it justice. As you can see here the tongue is firmly planted in the cheek. This beer uses 100% French barley and three different French hops. Strisselspalt and Aramis in both the kettle and the whirlpool and then dry-hopped with Barbe Rouge. I think this is an example of something unique and I think it’s a good exercise in following a creative pathway. I thoroughly enjoy pushing the boundaries when it comes to beer and I think this is a great example of that. I once read something that said “I feel you should not get too hung up on style. If no brewer ever tried anything different, many world-class beers would not exist.” I don’t know if this beer is world-class or not, but we sure do enjoy it. Finally, we get to the name. We named the beer after Jason and Jason’s partner Scout’s cat, Pierre. Pierre the Cat.


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