Wayfinder Golden Tiger 16oz can

Wayfinder Golden Tiger

Polotmavý 13°

Epic lager collaboration with Bierstadt Lagerhaus and Heater Allen

While imbibing many Czech lagers at Resident Culture’s Lager Fest in Charlotte, NC, Ashleigh and Bill from Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Denver, Lisa Allen from Heater Allen in McMinnville and Kevin from Wayfinder reminisced about their favorite places to have a beer in the world. Ashleigh and Bill spoke fondly of the Golden Tiger in Prague. It was decided to join forces and brew an epic collab Czech lager: Polotmavý 13°.

The result is Wayfinder Golden Tiger Polotmavý 13°, a triple-decocted amber lager using a blend of the best floor-malted dark malts from Czechia, and our finest sourced Saaz and Sladek hops. Na zdraví!

5.3% ABV

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