Weihenstephaner Helles 500ML can


Weihenstephaner Helles
Quaffable, mild, Bavarian – as a true Helles should be.

The Weihenstephaner Helles is perfect with a classical, Bavarian cold meal, but also the ideal accompaniment to a hearty roast or Schnitzel. Brewed with centuries-old brewing experience on the Weihenstephan Hill.

First impressions reveal a compact, finely frothy crown and a subtly flowery aroma, thanks to the aroma hop Saphir. Its noble flavoring derives from the aroma hops Saphir and Select, varieties produced in the Hallertau region of Bavaria. Soft on the palate, a fresh effervescence – the Weihenstephaner Helles is a harmonious, well-rounded, perfect delight.

Alcohol content:
4.8 % by volume

16 IBU

Weihenstephaner Helles 500ML cans
Weihenstephaner Helles 500ML can