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There Does Not Exist Spore 16oz can

There Does Not Exist Absent Origin

There Does Not Exist Spore

Hazy IPA

SPORE is a hazy india pale ale constructed of base malts plus copious amounts of wheat and oats to create cumulonimbus like mouthfeel and body. Hopped heavily across the board (including 2 dry hops – DDH, bro…) with Mosaic, Riwaka, Chinook, Nelson, and a sprinkling of Sabro – SPOREs hops are explosive on the pallet and in the aroma.

Mosaic, Nelson, Riwaka and Chinook lay down fruity pebbles, nectarine, and guava aromatics layered in with some Coconut from the Sabro. The final product feels like drinking a tropical drink on an island BUT you’re probably just chillin’ on your couch man…

6.5% ABV

North Park Beer Co. Flor De Muerto 16oz can

North Park Beer Co. Flor De Muerto label

North Park Beer Co. Flor De Muerto



We couldn’t wait for our wonderful friends Andrew, Mal & Tim to open their new Seattle brewery before teaming up with them on a brew, so now we proudly present Flor De Muerto, Human People Beer’s first collaboration!

A celebration of dreams coming to life, this DDH West Coast IPA is loaded up with Chinook, Mosaic 702, Early Harvest Columbus, Mosaic & Simcoe. Flavors and aromas of pine, blueberry, wild red berries & grapefruit bloom on the palate for a deathly delicious drinking experience.

6.8% ABV

Beachwood Tidal Track IPA 16oz can

Beachwood Tidal Track art

Beachwood Tidal Track IPA

Feel the wave in this West Coast IPA as its orchestral aromas & flavors wash over your palate!

Brewed in collaboration with our amazing friends at Fremont Brewing.

Malt: American 2-row

Hops: Mosaic, Citra, Centennial Cryo, Chinook

7.1% ABV | 60 IBUs

El Segundo Inspiration Hop Harvest IPA 16oz can

El Segundo Inspiration label

El Segundo Inspiration Hop Harvest IPA

This year’s Inspiration took us to Loza Farms, where Junior hand-selected two bales of Citra hops for us. The crew at Single Hill Brewing gave us a huge assist, getting these “Fresh AF” hops processed and packaged on the spot; we did our part by getting them into our kettles as quickly as possible.

Enjoy your first tastes of the 2023 Citra crop, we hope you’re as excited as we are!

North Park Beer Co. Spooky-Fu! 16oz can

North Park Beer Co. Spooky-Fu label

North Park Beer Co. Spooky-Fu!


Witches & wizards, goblins & ghouls – the Disciples of Fu! have brewed up just the potion for you!

A sinister amount of Chinook, Mosaic Incognito, Mosaic Cryo, Mosaic, Amarillo, and Nugget gives Spooky-Fu! aromas of pink Starbursts and peach gummy rings, freshly pulled from your pumpkin trick-or-treating pail.

An onslaught of grape Jolly Rancher, ruby red grapefruit and soft floral flavors haunt the palate and round out this unearthly brew.

7.0% ABV

Fair State Eternal Shrug 16oz can

Fair State Eternal Shrug label

Fair State Eternal Shrug


Eternal Shrug is a vehicle for our mutual descent into the gaping maw of existence. It’s a Black IPA hopped with Oregon Chinook, Columbus Cryo, and Amarillo hops. Brutal levels of pine, resin, citrus pith, and dankness surf atop punishing waves of black malt character. It’s very metal, we swear.

Piney, resinous, dank, citrus rinds, almost lightly minty, light roast, malt heft

Enegren Foliage 16oz can

Enegren Foliage can

Enegren Foliage

Autumn Pale Lager

Foliage is a hoppy amber lager based off our old Foliage Pale Ale recipe using Cascade and Chinook hops. The lager version is smoother and crisper than the ale with a poppy citrus and pine kick. This beer is dry and crisp with pronounced maltiness alongside the piney Cascade and Chinook hops. It’s like jumping into a pile of crunchy fallen leaves!

6% ABV |

46 IBU

El Segundo Centrifugal Force IPA 16oz can

El Segundo Centrifugal Force 4pk

El Segundo Centrifugal Force IPA


Style- West Coast IPA

ABV- 6.5%

Hops- Strata, Chinook, Columbus

Beer: the final frontier. These are the voyages of two men who left the corporate grind of Aerospace for a new mission: to explore the world of brews; to seek out new hops (and also pizza); to boldly brew the clearest beer possible!

Burgeon Single Source Fresh Hop IPA 16oz can

Burgeon Single Source

Burgeon Single Source Fresh Hop IPA

This West Coast IPA is hyper-charged with loads of lupulin squeezed from Strata hop cones that were picked from the bines & heaped into the brew within mere hours of harvest. Additions of Luminosa and Chinook provide a fresh take on the 2023 version of this fresh hop crusher.

Massive shout-out to the brilliant folks Indie Hops & Goschie Farms for this crop of explosively aromatic & eye-opening Strata!

6.5% ABV