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Enegren Lagertha Mosaic Pilsner 12oz can 6pk

Enegren Lagertha cans

Enegren Lagertha


ABV: 5%

IBU: 45

This hoppy pilsner offers a delightful twist on a classic style. Crisp and light, it seamlessly blends citrus, honey, and biscuit flavors, further enhanced by a subtle floral essence from the Mosaic dry-hopping process. The result is a complex yet comforting balance, artfully uniting the charm of the old world with the freshness of the new.

Beachwood Hyperspeed IPA 16oz can-4pk (Pre-Order)

Beachwood Hyperspeed can

Beachwood Hyperspeed

India Pale Ale

Raise a glass to our anniversary with this new special brew! Launch into aromatic hyper speed with this resin-saturated West Coast IPA!

A hopped-to-the-gills WCIPA to celebrate Beachwood Brewing’s 13th anniversary. Loaded with Mosaic 702, Mosaic Cryo, Mosaic, Strata CGX, and HBC-586 hops for tasting notes of dank indica, blueberry and pine sap.

Radiant Beer Co. Parallel Path 16oz can

Radiant Beer Co. Parallel Path label

Radiant Beer Co. Parallel Path

West Coast IPA

We like to weave through the modern definition of West Coast IPA, though we always return to the PARALLEL PATH. This time, it’s a westie with a contemporary state of mind and a hop bill of Simcoe, Mosaic, and Motueka.

A light gold body and rocky white head throw out light aromas of familiar dankness with big, fruity scents like key lime, sherbet, and papaya. Gooseberry hits on the first sip but quickly turns to tropical fruit and kaffir lime. The hops shine through with a subtle, supporting malt presence and a bright bright body that finishes dry.

A path worth paralleling.

6.7% ABV

Cellarmaker The Dripping Tap 16oz can

Cellarmaker The Dripping Tap cans

Cellarmaker The Dripping Tap

West Coast IPA

6.3% ABV

This brand new West Coast IPA seriously rips from terpene rich hops. Simcoe, Mosaic Cryo, experimental HBC 586 and Centennial hops brings waves on waves of meyer lemon, mango flesh and pine wood forest aromas followed by the sturdy West Coast bitterness we all know and love – all in a reasonable 6.3% ABV package meant for heavy dosing. Don’t slip on the drip!

ISM Brewing Western Standard Time 16oz can

ISM Brewing Western Standard Time cans

ISM Brewing Western Standard Time

West Coast IPA

Here where the waves of the Pacific continually crash against our beautiful beaches, its always Western Standard Time (WST) and this beer is the best way to celebrate our home.

6.8% ABV

Hops: Columbus Cryo/ Simcoe/ Strata/ Mosaic/ Mosaic Cryo

Notes: Intense blend of Fresh Orange, Devil’s Lettuce, and Pink Starburst.

Awards: 2024 World Beer Cup GOLD

Burgeon Lion’s Reign IPA 16oz can

Burgeon Lion's Reign art

Burgeon Lion’s Reign IPA

Lion’s Reign pays homage to the OG’s of local craft beer. With its regal coat-of-arms motif and a timeless hop combo that continues to hold court for good reason, this double dry-hopped crusher roars with notes of lemon, starfruit, kumquat, mild florals, & citrus rind bitters that linger throughout.

6.3% ABV and loaded with Strata, Riwaka, Simcoe, Citra, & Mosaic Cryo. Rawr!

There Does Not Exist Headsman 16oz can

There Does Not Exist Headsman

There Does Not Exist Headsman

West Coast IPA

6.6% ABV

HEADSMAN is a modern West Coast style IPA – very pale, light and zippy on the the palate – that has a KILLER (haha, dude.) hop profile.

Hopped hot side with the dankest CTZ we could find, Citra, and HBC 586 – we laid down an aromatic base of stoner metal fruit snacks. Then, post fermentation, we CHOPPED UP bags of more HBC 586, Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic & a touch of our favorite @freestylehops Nelson.

This combo EXECUTED an oily, saturated finished beer with the perfect blend of fruity aroma varietal hop character, but backed by enough grungy dankness to balance. Certainly a new favorite of our brewhouse HEADSMAN.

Burgeon It’s A Vibe IPA 16oz can

Burgeon It's A Vibe art

Burgeon It’s A Vibe IPA

(Oasis 4 Year Anniversary Release)

It’s A Vibe explodes with huge & complex flavors hitting hard from solid doses of Mosaic, Strata, Citra, AND the celeb appearance of Thiol Amped Nelson from our @Freestylehops pals.

Aromas include pink grapefruit, passionfruit, and plum, and we get bright citrus and mixed stone fruits on the palate. Oh, and the absolutely perfect amount of bitterness that’s just the right amount of assertive but doesn’t outshine those hop flavors.

6.5% ABV

Burgeon DDH Treevana IPA 16oz can

Burgeon DDH Treevana can art

Burgeon DDH Treevana IPA

Double Dry Hopped IPA

As if Treevana could get any more deliciously hoppy, we added a second dry hop to a BIG batch of our flagship IPA to fulfill all your thirst-quenching desires!

Along with the classic Mosaic & Amarillo lineup, we threw in the Cryo versions of each hop to take the potency & flavor to a whole new level — we’re talkin’ SIX POUNDS of hops per barrel!! 🤯

Expect extra loads of tropical, berry, & orange marmalade notes to rock your palate, folks.

7.2% ABV

Living Häus Beer Co. Nate North Park IPA 16oz can

Living Häus Beer Co. Nate

Living Häus Beer Co. Nate

North Park IPA

7.0% ABV

50 IBU

Collab with North Park Beer Co

We teamed up with our favorite San Diego brewers at NPBC and are proud to present Living Häus Beer Co. Nate, our interpretation of a San Diego-style IPA to you.

HBC-586, Citra Cryo, Mosaic, Simcoe, and Nelson hops form waves of fruit aromas and flavors from tangerine and mango to white gummy bears and fruit loops. Over the top, yet supportive of each other, just like Nate.