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El Segundo Simcoe IPA 16oz can

El Segundo Simcoe IPA

El Segundo Simcoe IPA

Style- Classic West Coast IPA

ABV- 6.8%

Hops- Simcoe

Once again, we love a hop so much, we had no choice but to name a beer after it. Simcoe’s been around since 2000, making it a classic hop of the West Coast IPA. There’s been plenty of hops that have made a splash since then, but Simcoe has a certain… je ne sais quoi that keeps us coming back for more.

HenHouse Stoked Pale Ale (Simcoe) 16oz can

HenHouse Stoked Pale Ale

HenHouse Stoked! Pale Ale (Simcoe)

Stoked! Pale Ale is our year-round pale ale. We rotate through different hops throughout the year, using only one variety for each batch. Only the hops change in Stoked, keeping it interesting yet familiar. Stoked is a reminder that beer is supposed to be fun and if we’re not stoked, we’re doing it wrong.

Rotating Hops

5.4% ABV

El Segundo Squirrel-Toothed Tiger 16oz can

El Segundo Squirrel-Toothed Tiger can

El Segundo Squirrel-Toothed Tiger

We obviously love Smog City and what they brew (hence this collab), but when the idea behind the collaboration is to work separately and one up every detail about the other’s best-selling beer, well then, this is an all out battle!

We went hoppier, Americanier, and, dare we say, downright more majestic than a pre-historic squirrel on their best day. Sure, the tiger may look friendly, albeit a little funny, but it remains a tiger with a, inherrent instinct to kill nonetheless!

This hoppy American Amber ale has aromas of candied citrus and pine resin with stone fruit and flavors of peach cobbler and caramel.

There Does Not Exist Star God Hazy IPA 16oz can

There Does Not Exist Star God Hazy IPA

There Does Not Exist Star God

Hazy IPA

Star God was constructed with 2 different varieties of wheat + oats to create its supportive, loving, and caring mouthfeel. Once we dialed in the velvet we had no choice but to bomb this beer in the whirlpool with Citra and Cashmere. Post fermentation we dumped bags on bags of more Citra, Azzaca, Nelson, and a touch of Simcoe for good measure. This builds aromas and flavors of peach rings, apricot, and a some mandarin. Bow down to the Star God…

6.6% ABV

North Park Beer Co. TDH Art Is Hard Blue Label 16oz can

North Park Beer Co. TDH Art Is Hard Blue Label

North Park Beer Co. TDH Art Is Hard Blue Label


And now we proudly present TDH Art Is Hard: Blue Label! We took one of our favorite year-round Hazy IPAs and turned up the intensity a few notches! With an extra round of dry-hopping, we used Citra, Simcoe, Motueka, Galaxy, & Riwaka to turn this 7% IPA into everything you love about Art Is Hard and more!

7% ABV