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Cellarmaker Mo Simcoe 16oz can

Cellarmaker Mo Simcoe label

Cellarmaker Mo Simcoe

West Coast IPA

6.9% ABV

Another pairing with our cherished Mosaic hop. Our Simcoe brings some great blackberry, grapefruit and coniferous aromas. Combine that with Mosaic’s melon and guava character and you get a deep and complex hoppiness. Mo’ Simcoe is tropical, dry and resinous but also has a hop sweetness that rounds it all out. West Coast for life!

2023 L.A. IPA Festival Best of Show winner

El Segundo Simcoe IPA 16oz can

El Segundo Simcoe IPA

El Segundo Simcoe IPA

Style- Classic West Coast IPA

ABV- 6.8%

Hops- Simcoe

Once again, we love a hop so much, we had no choice but to name a beer after it. Simcoe’s been around since 2000, making it a classic hop of the West Coast IPA.

There’s been plenty of hops that have made a splash since then, but Simcoe has a certain… je ne sais quoi that keeps us coming back for more.

North Park Beer Co. Simcoe Slammer 16oz can

North Park Beer Co. Simcoe Slammer label

North Park Beer Co. Simcoe Slammer

Going! Going! Gone! Simcoe Slammer is here to knock your senses out of the park. This West Coast Pilsner has the bases fully loaded with Trial 702 Simcoe, Simcoe Cryo, and Simcoe T90, offering a grand slam of flavors including lime zest and grapefruit juice.

Simcoe Slammer is perfectly crushable for a hot day, finishing exceptionally crispy like the crack of a bat. Slide into home with a pack of this summer slammer!

4.5% ABV

HenHouse Stoked Pale Ale (Simcoe) 16oz can

HenHouse Stoked Pale Ale

HenHouse Stoked! Pale Ale (Simcoe)

Stoked! Pale Ale is our year-round pale ale. We rotate through different hops throughout the year, using only one variety for each batch. Only the hops change in Stoked, keeping it interesting yet familiar. Stoked is a reminder that beer is supposed to be fun and if we’re not stoked, we’re doing it wrong.

Rotating Hops

5.4% ABV

Pizza Port Vibrant Views IPA 16oz can

Pizza Port Vibrant Views 6pk

Pizza Port Vibrant Views IPA

Vibrant Views IPA delivers a lively aroma of lemon and lime zest that dances in the air like a refreshing sea breeze.

Tropical notes of mango skin, jackfruit, and papaya add a playful twist to this citrus-forward West Coast-style IPA. On the palate, bursts of citrus flavors-bright lemon and tangy lime-perfectly balance a resinous pine bitterness that evokes the scent of coastal pine forests. The finish is dry and crisp, leaving behind a lingering zest of citrus peel and a longing for another sip of this vibrant brew.

Ride the wave of flavor with Vibrant Views IPA, where every sip brings you a taste of tropical sunshine.

Russian River Pliny For President 2024 510ML (LIMIT 1)

Russian River Pliny For President label


Russian River Pliny For President 2024

We are excited to officially announce Pliny’s campaign for President in 2024! Pliny will run for the Keg Party, and his VP is always Blind Pig!

This year’s recipe is a triple dry-hopped IPA using YCH-702 concentrated Simcoe and Citra hops along with many other aromatic hop varieties.


Radiant Beer Co. Parallel Path 16oz can

Radiant Beer Co. Parallel Path label

Radiant Beer Co. Parallel Path

West Coast IPA

We like to weave through the modern definition of West Coast IPA, though we always return to the PARALLEL PATH. This time, it’s a westie with a contemporary state of mind and a hop bill of Simcoe, Mosaic, and Motueka.

A light gold body and rocky white head throw out light aromas of familiar dankness with big, fruity scents like key lime, sherbet, and papaya. Gooseberry hits on the first sip but quickly turns to tropical fruit and kaffir lime. The hops shine through with a subtle, supporting malt presence and a bright bright body that finishes dry.

A path worth paralleling.

6.7% ABV