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Blaugies La Moneuse 375ML

  • Type : Beer
  • Style : Saison
  • Country/State: Belgium
  • Brewery: Blaugies


Out of stock

La Moneuse is named for A.J. Moneuse (b. 1768), a famous local bandit and gang leader, and ancestor of the brewers’ family. It is a classic “saison” beer by virtue of its strength and its earthy, aged quality. It has a hardy, semi-dry malt character – fresh, but not overpowering hoppiness, abundant yeasty, fruity flavors and a fairly strong, but pleasant and enticing, mustiness. Among Belgium’s saisons, La Moneuse sits with Saison Dupont on the opposite end of the spectrum from the quirky, thin, fruity varieties. But La Moneuse is quite distinct from the Dupont, which drinks much colder, hoppier, harder-edged, and has no discernible sweetness.

This beer is a warmer, richer, spicier, more vinous, and arguably more approachable saison.

8% ABV

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