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Smog City Infinite Wishes 2019 500ML

  • Type : Beer
  • Style : Stout-Imperial
  • Country/State: US-California
  • Brewery: Smog City


Out of stock

Infinite Wishes | 14.2% ABV

Infinite Wishes is a bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout, aged for a year in bourbon barrels. Many of you know Infinite Wishes as the “big brother” to The Nothing, our double chocolate Imperial Stout released each year just prior to Thanksgiving. The Nothing was named for the darkness that many 80’s kids remember as the ultimate “nothingness” that mercilessly tore Fantasia, in the cult classic The Never-ending Story, apart. When we designed Infinite Wishes, a question was posed. “What could destroy the Nothing” For those of you that grew up on this movie, the answer was a dynamic realization of any child’s greatest dream, an infinite number of wishes, each one slowly rebuilding the world of Fantasia…complete with a ride on the Luck Dragon and sweet revenge on a crew of bullies. Thus Infinite Wishes was born. Since its inception, IW has taken on a life of its own as our largest and most successful bottle release every year.

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