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Upright Scrap Iron 750ML

  • Type : Beer
  • Style : Saison
  • Country/State: US-Oregon
  • Brewery: Upright


Out of stock

A single release that was made with two inspirational classics in mind – Saison de Pipaix and Orval. Expect vintage character in this complex barrel aged beer featuring Mecca Grade Malt at it’s core.

Scrap Iron was brewed as a nod to two specific historic beers from Belgium – Saison de Pipaix and Orval. Both of those are legendary and rooted well in the past, with fascinating profiles that exude character and individuality. Many modern interpretations of Belgian-style beers seem to miss that mark, relying on a narrow spectrum within aroma, flavor, mouthfeel and finish. Instead, the Scrap Iron strives to integrate layers rarely seen anymore – metallic notes, semi-coarse bitterness, restrained Brettanomyces, dry-hopping with low oil varieties, and delicate yet purposeful spicing.

Grist: Mecca Grade Pale, Pils, Munich, Caramel

Hops: Goldings, Mt. Hood, Styrian Aurora

Spices: Sweet Orange Peel

Brewed: October 22nd, 2015

Bottled: October 27th, 2016

Total Yield: 86 cases, 2 kegs

6.7% ABV

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