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La Salsa Chilena Gourmet Salsa 16oz

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  • Non-Alcohol: Salsa



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La Salsa Chilena — based as a “South American Style Salsa” — is a snappy blend of peeled tomatoes, red and green peppers, lemon juice and seasonings (a hint of cumin adds a nice touch). It is hot but stops short of scalding the mouth or overpowering the food eaten with it.

In 1993 Gonzalo and Fabrizio Guerra decided to market their mother’s fresh South American style salsa. Their mother, Silvia, was born in Chile, in a seaport town of Valparaiso, and is an outstanding cook. Her salsa has been very popular with family and friends, and with their encouragement, her sons decided to market it.

Seventeen years later the response has grown all over Southern California and around the United States.

Silvia Guerra’s recipe is a combination of the fresh salsa she loved from her frequent trips to Tijuana, Mexico, and her South American salsa called pebre, which has many fine spices. Fresh tomatoes, lots of garlic, onions, lemon juice, cilantro and a combination of different types peppers give her salsa a unique and refreshing taste.

South American Gourmet Style Salsa has a combination of four different types of peppers and spices which gives it a unique refreshing taste. We guarantee you’ll love our mother’s South American style recipe!

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Hot, Medium (Roasted Garlic), Mild